To clarify:There are<a href=""> aywlas</a> predictable, but irregular expenses which lots of folks budget/save up money for every month. An obvious example would be saving up for property taxes if you own a house. Less obvious is setting aside a budgeted amount for, say, future car maintainance. The question becomes do you pump up this aspect of your savings first or snowball debt.One example: suppose you serendipitously get a $100 check. Does it go towards building up my car maintainance fund, or does it get snowflaked to debt? (Of course, Murphy guarantees that if I haven't funded my car maintainance account, the car will break.)There are other even more predictable expenses such as insurance, gifting, etc. which I could not pay up front without having saved for. Do I fund (save up for) all these anticipated expenses before using any $ for snowballing?Hopfully this makes sense ..

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